What is Yoga?

When we say the word “yoga,” what many people think of first is twisting your body like a pretzel.. But traditionally, when we say “yoga” we’re not talking about getting into a particular posture. The word “yoga” literally means “union.” It’s not a practice. It’s a certain way of being.

Yoga can be transmitted on many different levels. If you want, you can use yoga just to get rid of your backache, or to get better mental focus, or a little peace of mind and happiness. Or you can use yoga as a way of climbing to the highest possibility within yourself.

Yoga entered our lives because of Sadhguru, a realized master, yogi, and profound mystic of our times. Our lives have been so profoundly touched by him and by our yoga practice that we wish to share this with whomever wishes to learn.

How is Seventh Hill Yoga different from other studios?

While we teach specific practices, we also customize yoga programs for you (or for an organization), based on your goals and needs. Visit our Custom Classes page and contact us for more info.